"Growing up with no siblings, Jade exhibits classic only child traits including, ambition, resourcefulness and one hell of an imagination"

- Jade, speaking in the third person.

  • Hobart Waterfront iPhone app

    Hobart Waterfront iPhone app

  • Evie & Henry brochure

    Evie & Henry brochure

  • Trauma Jean pop-up comic book

    Trauma Jean pop-up comic book

  • PICA 2012 poster

    PICA 2012 poster

  • Sublime at the Maypole rebrand

    Sublime at the Maypole rebrand

Recent work

  • Evie & Henry

    Design, Print

    Brochure & calendar   A double-sided, eight page brochure for Evie & Henry; a collection of handmade dolls and softies...

  • Hobart Waterfront

    Design, Identity, Motion

    iPhone app   The Wireless Waterfront website provides a virtual representation of the Hobart waterfront area and is capable of...

  • The Straw


    Animation   An animation based on the idiom, the straw that broke the camel’s back. This is a reference to any...

  • DIG

    Design, Identity, Print

    Magazine   For far too long, the world has seen the south of Tasmania as a place stuck in time....